Name of Handler / Owner ( at least 16 yr. old)____________________________________________
Address: ___________________________________________________________
Contact Number Home _________________ Business _________________Cell____________
Email Address _________________Contact Preference__________________
Name of Dog: ____________________________________Breed _________________
Sex: M/F Age (3 Mon. or older) ___________ Spay/Neuter Y/N Dog / People Friendly (circle)
Please state if there are Any Problems with this dog that concern you ______________
CHOICE OF CLASS: Beginner _____ Novice _____ Advanced ______
Your Interest ? : Basic Obedience __ Competitive Obedience __ Canine Good Citizen Course __
Please tell us what you expect from the class ____________________________________________
Name of Breeder: ________________________
Rescue Organization__________________________
AKC Registration Number: ___________________________
Veterinarian Name: _________________________Phone___________________________________
Proof of Rabies Submitted : Y/N
Current on Vaccinations (Parvo,Distemper,Hepatitis,Leptospirosis,Bordetella Y/N
Is this your first dog? Y/N In Your Household: Dogs ____Cats ___Children/Age______________ Have you trained before ? Y/N if Yes With Whom _______________________
How did you hear about us? Newspaper Name :_________Internet:Y/N   
Referred by_____________
ARE YOU A MEMBER of this Club? Y/N If not, would you be interested in becoming a member of The Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club - for GSD Only ________
Would you volunteer on a committee? Y/N    What Interests you :
Training the German Shepherd or an All Breed includes participation in "hands on" training, with attendance at orientation/education/discussions. This is an integral aspect of obedience training, and is considered part of the Trainees application.
Payment must be made in Full at the time of the Beginning of the First class.
Once you have taken a class, fees are non-refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances, the matter will be presented to the Board of Governors for a decision.
There Are No make up classes in a session.
There are no credits given for missed classes.

Any dog that shows open aggression to another dog or person will not be accepted into a Training Class held by NNJGSDC.
Aggressive Behavior described as follows:
1- Attacking another dog or person with intent to harm.
2- Biting or attempting to bite another dog or person at Any NNJGSDC function.
3- Snarling, Growling, Posturing.
4- Lunging with attempt to bite another dog or person.
5- Similar anti-social behavior where dog does not respond to the handlerís efforts to control the situation.
This type of behavior cannot be tolerated in a class setting at any level. It is not fair to other students, or exhibitors to have to worry about the dog next to him attacking his own dog. It is also a liability to NNJGSDC to have dogs with this type of behavior at any NNJGSDC function.
Any and All aggressive behavior must be reported to the Obedience Coordinator and Training Hall Director, or one in charge of a NNJGSDC function.
Any dog exhibiting this type of behavior in any class setting can be referred to an outside Trainer who specializes in this type of behavior.
After a dog has been referred to an outside trainer And has completed a consultation, the outside Trainer and the Obedience Coordinator, and NNJGSDC Obedience Trainer, will confer and determine appropriate placement.

The Trainer will have copies of all completed Training Registrations Forms.

By signing below, you agree and consent that your dog / handler / owner, may be removed from class at any time in the event that, in the trainer/obedience coordinator sole discretion, your dog / handler/owner creates a safety issue for any other dog / handler / owner, or other animal or individual.
You certify that the above information is correct, and accept full responsibility / liability for your dog.
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Signature : __________________________________Date_____________________



Simply print the form and bring with you to the next registration class.  See "Classes and Lectures