President                                                        Dr. Robin Lyle            

Vice President                                                Ms. Karin Wagner      

                         Treasurer                                                      Mr.  William Tilstra                              

              Recording Secretary                                    Ms.   Sharon Heisler                

 Corresponding Secretary                              Ms. Michelle Lustberg  
                                                                          505 Tether Lane
                                                                                             Paramus , New Jersey 07653



Board of Governors

Mr. Michael Begendorf

 Ms. Anita Schmidt

Dr. Morton Silver



2017 Committees


Minutes/Recording Secretary                        Sharon Heisler

Corresponding Secretary                               Michelle Lustberg

Treasurer                                                       Bill Tilstra

Breed Coordinator/Evaluator                          Rob Lyle & Karin Wagner

Show Handling/Education                               Rob Lyle & Aleta Begendorf

Obedience Coordinator                                 Michelle Lustberg

Training Hall Director                                     Rob Lyle

Obedience Registration/Graduation                Michelle Lustberg

Membership                                                  Bill Tilstra/

Trophies & Awards                                       Rob Lyle, Anita Schmidt & Morty Silver

Breed Judges                                                Karin Wagner, Mike Begendorf, Michelle Lustberg, Rob Lyle, Dennis Mulligan

Obedience Judges                                          Michelle Lustberg      

May Specialty Show Chairman                      Rob Lyle

May Show Secretary                                     Michelle Lustberg

August Specialty Show Chairman                  Rob Lyle

August Show Secretary                                 Michelle Lustberg

Match Show Chairman                                  Aleta Begendorf

Chief Steward Breed                                    

Chief Steward Obedience                             Anita Schmidt

Index/Mailing/Events Calendar                     Mike Begendorf

Hospitality/Bulletin Board                             Board of Governors

Parent Club Liaison                                       Karin Wagner


Summer Party                                                Rob & Gail Lyle

Christmas Party                                             Mike and Aleta Begendorf and Rob Lyle

New Jersey Dog Federation                          Mike Begendorf

Grievance                                                       Executive Committee

AKC Legislative Liaison                               Anita Schmidt

By-Laws                                                      Executive Committee

Pins, Patches, Decals, Jackets, Shirts            Mike & Aleta Begendorf

Equipment                                                    Morty Silver & Joel Lustberg

Litter Lites                                                     Michelle Lustberg

Internet                                                          Al Wagner & Bill Tilstra

Facebook Page                                              Bill Tilstra

Insurance/Audit                                              Bill Tilstra

Breeder’s Code of Ethics                              Karin Wagner

Ethics Committee                                         Rob Lyle, Karin Wagner, Michelle Lustberg

                                                                     Aleta Begendorf & Sharon Heisler