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Northern New Jersey German Shepherd Dog Club, Inc.



Our Annual membership meeting is going to be on

November 28,2017 @7:00 so there will not be any training that night.




Calendar 2017


Board of Governors’ Meetings

Thursday                     January 26th                7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 February 15th              7:00 p.m.         W’s


Tuesday                       March 28th                  7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 April 19th                    7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 May 24th                     7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 June 14th                     7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 August 16th                7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 September 13th           7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 October 18th                7:00 p.m.         W’s


Wednesday                 November 15th           7:00 p.m.         W’s


Club Functions

Member’s Meeting                  Tuesday           March 21st
                                                            @ Sharon and Ron Heisler's home
                                            (please bring desserts)

May Shows                             Friday              May 5th           

Mid-Atlantic Futurity             Saturday          May 6th        

                Trenton Kennel Club—Supported Entry         Sunday            May 7th

Member’s Meeting                  Tuesday           June (TBD)  

Summer Party                         Sunday            August (TBD)

Match Show                                                    August (TBD)

 Fall Specialty Shows               Friday              September 1st

        Saturday          September 2nd

    Member’s Meeting                  Tuesday           September (TBA)

         Annual Member’s Meeting    Tuesday November 28th    7:00 p.m.

         Awards Dinner     Saturday          December 2nd             7:30 p.m.




Photo from the Sunday dog walk.

For more info, contact Bill Tilstra 

973-476-1196 or biltil@aol.com

We Have Moved Our Location

                                     Effective     September 11, 2012                                    
                                       Ramapo Reformed Church                                               
                                              100 Island Road                                                                      
                                          Mahwah, New Jersey                                                           


       Directions : Please go to their web site    ramaporeformedchurch.org  


For those interested in the web site for K9 Equipment discussed at a recent Educational Program
please check out    
I just received their catalog , worth it ! 

For those with Females that will soon be going into season, please check outwww.fourpaws.com,
for any Sanitary products ( sanitary pads may be purchased at your local supermarket ) 



We are staring a new season and we are hoping to have a successful turn out at our Tuesday night classes and our Meetings.
The aim of our club is for the betterment of the German Shepherd Dog but we want more than that.
We are interested in using as holistic approach where we take care of the whole dog.
 Learning how to deal with health problems, behiavior problems, and individual idiosyncrasies is paramount to extend our knowledge.



          Our Obedience classes are now open to all breeds.


For more information call

201 652 4239 / 845 365 5259

Looking for a German Shepherd Puppy, call our Puppy Referral line. 

Contact: Michelle Lustberg
201-652-4239 (h)
 551-206-9838 (c)


 Litter Lites

Any member who is on the Breeder's Page may register a litter for free.

Litter registration will remain active for 8 weeks.

Call Michelle Lustberg 201-652-4239